Painting Tools to Have in Your House

Do you want to give your house a new look? If your answer is yes, then painting should be your first priority. However, you might find yourself overwhelmed at the range of painting tools available at your local home improvement shop if you are new to Painting Austin TX. Indeed, painting might appear like a simple DIY task. However, if you’ve got the correct tools on hand, the task will go a lot easier.  

Here are several tools that you need to have in your house for your next painting project: 


Chances are you will require a ladder to reach the top of the ceilings, crown moldings, and walls, unless you are over six feet tall. In almost every case, a 2 or 3-step stepladder is enough. However, you’ve got to ensure you choose the one that has a long handle. This will help you maintain balance. You might have to purchase something bigger if you have to reach high places such as ceilings or foyers. When selecting your painting ladder, you have to consider sturdiness and versatility. For almost every house, a multi-position 12-step folding ladder works great because you can adjust it to a couple of heights. This makes it very versatile for any home improvement project. 

Rollers and Brushes 

Everybody understands that they require rollers and brushes to paint a room. However, do you know what type of brush you need?  

  • Specialty painting tools – You should think about buying specialty shaped brushes or molding trimmers to go around doors and windows easier.  
  • The kind of brush is vital as well. For oil-based paint, you will want to purchase a natural bristle brush. For latex paint, acrylic bristles work great. 
  • A range of sizes – a regular roller will work for bigger wall spaces. However, smaller ones work great for tight areas. Brushes come in a range of widths to fit into crannies and nooks properly. 

Drop Cloths 

Before painting, you do not have to move each furniture piece out of your room. Also, you do not want to risk spills on the floor as well. Drop cloths provide a safe, easy, and fast way to protect everything in the room from accidental spills. 

Extension Pole 

Are you having a hard time reaching the upper part? Or perhaps you just do not like standing on ladders? That is fine. All you need is an extension pole to get your roller in higher places.  

Painting Trays 

Nowadays, there are a lot of options for painter’s tray. This includes reusable varieties or plastic throw-away. These trays can hold around a whole gallon of paint. Before you purchase a painting tray, you have to consider your certain needs. 

A lot of Painter’s Tape 

You might be enticed to skip this crucial step. However, you should not neglect this. You can make your job a lot easier and cleaner if you place painter’s tape properly around trim and windows. You’ve got to ensure you tightly seal the tape against places you do not want the paint to reach.  

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