How to Naturally Eliminate Weeds in the Lawn

Everyone knows that you can use chemicals to get rid of weeds. However, these chemicals have negative and long-lasting effects on the environment, our lawns, and our bodies.  

If you are an eco-friendly type of person, you can instead utilize a couple of environmentally-friendly weed-killing solutions. In addition to that, you’ll be making your lawn safer for you, your pets, and your family.  

If you do not want to hire an expert Lawn Service Round Rock company, here are several natural ways to get rid of weed that will work for you: 


For those who don’t know, salt is a simple and affordable way to get rid of weeds quickly. You can utilize the same rock salt that’s used to melt snow to get rid of weeds. In addition to that, you can utilize water softener salt or simple table salt as well.  

However, you still have to be cautious since there are problems with using it: 

  • Salt can cause problems with any stepping stones, cement, or pavers. 
  • If you utilize too much, salt can make the ground barren. Thus, you have to carefully use it. 

If you used salt too often, salt can break apart a lot of forms of stone and pavers. Simply ensure you use it carefully if you have to utilize it on pavers.  

Deny the Weeds with Any Sunlight 

This method is extremely effective and simple. It’s probably the best method if you simply want to replace the yard. Though it might not be the most appealing way to get rid of the weeds, it will not cost you anything.  

To smother weeds, there are 3 common things you can utilize: 

  • A Tarp 
  • Cardboard 
  • Newspaper 

Simply leave any of the items mentioned above in the yard for several days. Within a couple of days, every single weed under the covered lawn will be dead. In addition to that, all of them will stay dead until new seeds grow and sprout. 

Boiling Water 

Do you have a pot filled with boiling water? Did you just boil a couple of potatoes? Did you just cook some pasta? Well, don’t throw away that hot water. You can go out to the weed and pour that hot water over the top. Those pesky weeds will not survive anymore.  

Hot water is enough to get rid of even the strongest weeds. Thus, you can easily solve your issue within a couple of days.  

Put in The Work 

 If you are not busy and you have a lot of free time, then perhaps it is time that you put in the work. This means that you have to get down on your knees and hands and start pulling the weeds yourself. 

Indeed, it’s a lot of work. However, aside from getting rid of the weeds, you are also getting some exercise using nothing more than your hands and a mere weeding tool.  

It might not be as simple as using chemicals. However, you can still get the same results without damaging the environment.  

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